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Kingship and Tragedy (1660-1715)

After almost ten years of exile on the Continent and eight weeks before his arrival at Whitehall in May 1660, Charles Stuart was proclaimed king in London

The Translating Mind

It is one of my firmest convictions that what most distinguishes human beings from the other primates is their ability to translate: Homo sapiens is the translating animal par excellence.

Towards Autonomy

Contemporary English Language Teaching is going through a period of change. This is just as true of university language teaching as it is of teaching in other contexts

Wherein lies happiness

Per una rilettura della poesia di John Keats.

Theoretical Description and Practical Applications of Linguistic Corpora

This book is intended primarily as an introduction to linguistic corpora for any scholar, teacher or student who approaches them for the first time.

Introduction to Cognitive Semantics

This book is an introduction for everyone interested in cognitive semantics. As such, it explores the relation between language and thought and discusses key concepts…

Unius verbi monstra

Ab assuetis non fit passio.