Theoretical Description and Practical Applications of Linguistic Corpora

This book is intended primarily as an introduction to linguistic corpora for any scholar, teacher or student who approaches them for the first time. To this aim, the author has provided an overview of their most typical features and contexts of exploitation, both in theoretical and in applied linguistics, together with a discussion on key issues pertaining to corpus design, compilation, and annotation. In so doing, an attempt has been made to clarify and systematize a few still foggy areas in this field, particularly from the terminological point of view. The book also includes three appendices, listing respectively all the corpora cited in the volume in alphabetical order, the software discussed and the other computerised resources quoted in the book. Every effort has been made to present the data and material in a clear, straightforward way, so as to enable the readers to glean information, to deepen their knowledge, and most of all to boost their desire for learning, which is the core of all theoretical knowledge and practical competence.

di Roberta  Facchinetti

ENGLISH Roberta Facchinetti is Full Professor of English at the University of Verona, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. She is specialised in: a. Media discourse, with special focus on the language of journalism, b. The language of negotiations, c. Lexicology and lexicography, d. Diachronic and synchronic corpus linguistics. The publications resulting from the above-mentioned studies are almost exclusively international. She has received the following international awards: -“Premio por la alta calidad de su trabajo” awarded by the Minister of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba (January 2015); - Primo Premio alla Cultura “Artemisia Gentileschi” for Academic excellence, awarded by the International Students Union (March 2005). She is Co-Director of the journal IPERSTORIA: Testi Letterature, Linguaggi, rated Class A Journal by ANVUR (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes). ITALIANO Roberta Facchinetti è Professore Ordinario di Lingua Inglese all’Università di Verona, Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere. E' specializzata in: a. Linguaggio dei Media tradizionali e digitali, con particolare riferimento al discorso giornalistico online e offline, b. Linguaggio delle negoziazioni, c. Lessicografia e lessicologia, d. Linguistica dei corpora in prospettiva sia sincronica che diacronica. Le sue pubblicazioni sono quasi esclusivamente di respiro internazionale. Ha ricevuto i seguenti premi: • Premio “por la alta calidad de su trabajo” (gennaio 2015), conferito dal Ministro della Scienza, Tecnologia e Ambiente di Cuba, • Primo Premio alla Cultura “Artemisia Gentileschi” (marzo 2005) per eccellenza in ambito accademico, conferito dall’International Students Union. E' co-direttore della rivista di Classe A (ANVUR) Iperstoria: Testi, Letterature, Linguaggi.

Theoretical Description and Practical Applications of Linguistic Corpora

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