Languages and Cultures in Contact: Maoridom in the Short Fiction of Witi Ihimaera and P. Grace

This book is a linguistic and cultural exploration in the field of Maori literature written in English. The investigation focuses on the literary genre of the short story in a period roughly spanning the two decades of the 1970s and 1980s. The voices of the internationally acclaimed Maori writers Witi Ihimaera and Patricia Grace lie at the core of the book. Their role as writers is interpreted here as that of ambassadors of linguistic and cultural distinctiveness. Five of their short story collections – Ihimaera’s Pounamu Pounamu (1972) and The New Net Goes Fishing (1977), and Grace’s Waiariki and Other Stories (1975), The Dream Sleepers and Other Stories (1980) and Electric City and Other Stories (1987) – are analysed from an interdisciplinary perspective. Most significantly, the analysis sheds light on the relevance of discursive and stylistic strategies for the expression of cultural values. The study also illustrates facets of the relation between English and Maori in the narrative space of the short stories. This is achieved through a close linguistic investigation of a good number of language contact phenomena as they emerge in the fictional texts. In considering the chronological unfolding of the five collections, the book also describes a literary journey that is not devoid of political implications and one where language(s) speak(s) for and about its/their speakers.

di Marta  Degani

Marta Degani is an Assistant Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Verona, Italy. She holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from Macquarie University, Sydney and a PhD in English Studies from the University of Venice. In academic year 2010-2011 she was a Visiting Scholar at the School of Maori and Pacific Development, University of Waikato, Hamilton (New Zealand). Her research interests include pragmatics, semantics (functional and cognitive), varieties of English, discourse analysis and corpus linguistics. She has published on language contact in New Zealand English, in both literary and non-literary texts, and (inter)-subjectivity with English modal verbs. Her current focus is cognitive linguistics, in particular its application to the speech of English-Maori bilinguals.

Languages and Cultures in Contact:
Maoridom in the Short Fiction of
Witi Ihimaera and P. Grace

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