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Mathematical Programming and Economic Analysis


di GianDemetrio Marangoni

This volume collects the lectures given by the author as part of the Quantitative Methods of Management course at the Faculty of Economics of the USI in Lugano, Switzerland, over the past few years.

The book consists of seven chapters: The Algebra of Matrices and Linear Systems; Linear Programming; Integer Linear Programming; Graph Theory; input-Output Analysis; Game Theory; Differentials Calculus.

Each chapter defines the theoretical aspects of the subject and offers a number of examples of application to economic and business administration. The mathematical framework is rigorous but intuitive, so that students can readily see how to use mathematics in this context. The chapter of Game Theory represents an alternative and widely used approach to many problems in economics and business. Every chapter ends with a brief bibliography of further reading.

The book aims to provide the student with an independent capacity to examine a real economic problem, to formulate a mathematical model for representing it, to develop a suitable algorithm to achieve a solution and, finally, to interpret the results.

The book is intended for students of economics, business studies and management, engineering and applied mathematics, both undergraduate and graduate.

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